Rotor blade inspection and repair

Experts in wind turbine rotor blades

Our division for rotor blades stands out of the ordinary. Our blade experts have extensive insight in blade structure and finish and many years of experience in assessing damage. By delivering the most durable repair solution for each type of blade, we will make sure, your turbine can perform to its optimum again. There is nothing from cracks and lightning damage to missing topcoat and open leading edges, that we can't fix.


Depending on type of damage and size of turbine we offer blade services conducted by Rope Access or from our platforms. The platforms can reach 360 degrees around the blade and are perfectly suited for external repair of rotor blades on both onshore and offshore installations. We can provide vessels to deliver and install the platforms at sea.


We do repair the traditional way, but also provide a proven repair technique using UV-light for ultrafast curing.