Wind Turbine Services - Worldwide

Wind energy turnkey projects

Our Turnkey services include civil and electrical works, erection and comissioning works. We rely on our experienced engineering department to provide complete project to site management services covering all levels of wind energy projects. Our skillful personnel, from machinery operators to commissioning technicians, guarantee for the quality of the project.


Offshore wind farm foundations

KLS Green Energy has extensive experience in offshore foundations and substations for wind farms worldwide. We provide the following personnel for the erection of the offshore wind projects:

  • Erection / foundation and maintenance supervisors
  • Diving crew
  • Riggers / Erectors / Rigging supervisors / LOLER reps
  • Wind Turbine Technicians / Installers
  • Blade technicians and maintenance crew
  • Offshore Grouting Personnel
  • Crew and material logistic


Operation & Maintenance Services

We provide corrective and preventive maintenance works as well as large corrective maintenance on all types of wind turbines. Our perfectly skilled technicians are experts in troubleshooting and preventive maintenance works according to the manufacturers manual & checklist.

Repair and inspection of rotor blades

We provide platform or rope access personnel to conduct inspections and repairs on rotor blades. Detailed reporting and documentation are also provided. Read more here

Rotor blade and tower cleaning

We remove surface dirt, debris, oil leaks, etc. from blades and towers. In order to prolong the effect, we recommend our newly developed and patent pending cleaning product. It is effective against various algae and other fouling. After applicating, the blade and tower with be left with a strong surface aciditythat defers the settling of algae etc. on the surface. The liquid does no harm to the environment and is safe in use for the technician regarding skin contact or inhalation.

Service agreements

Although today's technology is very advanced, there are parts of the turbines which have limited life. These spare parts must be replaced in time. Cable connections must be checked regularly to avoid fire caused by short circuits. Our skilled professionals are specialized in performing service inspections and repairs on wind turbines.