Manpower for onshore & offshore industry

Personnel for the onshore and offshore industry

KLS Green Energy provide manpower for all types of onshore and offshore projects. We offer personnel hire at reasonable rates and terms for the offshore as well as the onshore market. We can supply labour to the oil & gas sector and to the wind industry. Naturally, all our personnel have the required certificates and authorizations for the completion of their work. We offer the following types of labour: 

  • Crane operators
  • Scaffolding workers
  • Riggers
  • Rope access technicians
  • OIM
  • Safety Officer / HSE
  • Supervisors
  • Painters and surface finishers
  • Electricians
  • Certified welders
  • NDT technicians
  • Blade technicians

Most experienced people in the wind business

We source our personnel among the most experienced people in the offshore wind business, offering white collar technical disciplines such as project managers, project designers and engineers, grid managers, project planners, mechanical, electrical and commissioning engineers, CRP's, QC & HSE advisors/managers and onshore/offshore superintendents.


Rope Access

KLS rope access technicians are certified and experienced industrial climbers. Our technicians operate under the guidelines of IRATA or SPRAT depending on the customers specific requirements.
Our skilled techs can access difficult areas and spots in heights, which is why our customers book them for netting jobs and repairs on oil rigs, inspections on wind turbine blades etc.
We deliver the required and approved PPE for the specific task.