Consulting Services for Wind, Oil & Gas Industry

Windpower expertise

KLS Green Energy offers professional assistance and guidance to companies who want to enter the offshore wind turbine market through our extensive experience, insight and contacts in the market. Our highly qualified professionals will guide your company through the entire R&D, production, certification and introducing phase into the market of offshore wind.


Finance and funding advice

KLS has access to a network of investors: private, institutional, pension funds and companies with focus on green energy. We have the knowledge on how to get access to potential support schemes from public funds. We can arrange establishment of companies, where public or semi public funds can participate.


Wide range of expert advice services

  • Offshore management
  • Onshore management
  • Project management
  • Office management

We provide personnel with many years of experience in their fields. Naturally, our employees have the necessary certificates and approvals for the execution of their work.